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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack300 View Post
    I was there beginning of November 2018. Had a great time, I felt save they have 2 gates surrounding the property.
    There were some students that were loud, but they did settle down later.
    I would not do a week long trip there but for a quick weekend getaway, that is really really close by, especially for me that just want to test out new gear before the longer trips it was more than sufficient.

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    Iíve read some reports of nasty incidents check that security has been sorted out ...

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    Lot's of recommendations for Almega in Dinokeng in the thread, we were there this past weekend.
    Great place, nice big campsites with even space for 2 caravans on a single stand. We were a group with 3 caravans and 3 tents, we booked 2 sites and easily fitted.
    Great ablutions, each stand has its own private bathroom with a huge shower etc.

    Plenty bird life and a swimming pool for the hot summer days.
    A nice touch, they come around 2 or so times per day selling ice and wood at very decent prices, one would think a place like this will charge much much more.

    You see the owners all around camp the entire day, giving personal atention and sorting out issues where needed. Unfortunately they had their hands full with the loadshedding, having to pump enough water and of course their were a couple of people who blamed them for the loadshedding.

    I'm a bit skeptical if I see that a camp site allow music, their rules state it has to be quiet by 21:00. Saturday evening there was a group who played some music, at one stage still early evening it got a bit unplesent, but the owner quickly sorted them out and by 21:00 they switched off completely.
    I don't drink water, unless it's been through a brewery first.
    You probably heard people saying Africa is not for sissies. Well, neither is it for wussy equipment.
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    Will follow links Dankie

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