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    Default Tusk awards: Garth Owen-Smith and Emmanuel de Merode

    Very proud by association that two of my friends, Garth Owen-Smith and Emmanuel de Merode, have won the top spots in the Tusk Awards:

    Prince William salutes
    Africa’s wildlife champions
    25 November 2015

    Last night Prince William celebrated the ground-breaking work of three of Africa’s unsung conservation heroes, honouring their achievements at the third annual Tusk Awards for Conservation in Africa. In his role as Royal Patron, he presented the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa, to Garth Owen-Smith. Sponsored by Investec Asset Management, the award recognises an extraordinary life dedicated to pioneering community conservation in Namibia.

    Charlie Mayhew, Tusk CEO, said: “Garth Owen-Smith is without doubt the founding father of community conservation. His vision, many years ago, has led to communities across Africa following his lead.”

    The Tusk Award for Conservation, recognising a rising star in the increasingly challenging field of wildlife conservation and sponsored by Land Rover, was presented to Dr Emmanuel de Merode, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a man whose work is now acknowledged as vital to the survival of Africa’s oldest national park.

    Prince William was especially proud to present the inaugural Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award to Edward Ndiritu from Kenya, who leads a team fighting the war against poaching in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. The award, said the Prince, “recognises the extraordinary bravery and commitment of the men and women at the frontline of the battle – and it is a battle – to save some of the world's most iconic species.”

    The two other finalists who travelled to London for the awards ceremony were Dr Mary Molokwu from Liberia and Mr Cosmas Mumba from Zambia who will also receive grants for their respective projects.

    Closing the ceremony, the Prince said: “People often ask me why I am so passionate about this cause. It is because of the human impact. The planet and our natural resources are not something we can afford to squander. Africa continues to face unprecedented challenges in terms of poaching driven by the burgeoning illegal trade in wildlife, and all too often rangers are out-resourced and out-gunned. Only a few weeks ago, three rangers and one member of the Armed Forces were killed by poachers in one incident in Central Africa, leaving behind 14 children between them.”

    Continuing a theme that he has voiced in the past, he stressed: “This is the sharp end of the human impact of one of the world’s most pressing conservation crises.”

    Investec Asset Management’s CEO, Hendrik du Toit, added: “Conservation is taking its place as an ever more crucial part of the global political and economic agenda. These awards not only acknowledge the contribution made by exceptional individuals towards conservation in Africa, but also aim to raise global awareness of the significant and immediate challenges faced by natural world. This year, the addition of an award recognising the work of rangers across Africa – many of whom have given their lives for this cause – reminds us of the extraordinary sacrifice made by so many.”

    The ceremony was attended by many of the charity’s high profile supporters and Tusk Patrons including Rory Bremner, Deborah Meaden and Katherine Jenkins. The awards ceremony was hosted by broadcaster, Kate Silverton, a Patron of the Charity.

    The Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa, sponsored by Investec Asset Management

    Garth Owen-Smith, the winner of the 2015 Prince William Award was recognised by the independent judging panel of experts for the legacy he has created through the concept of community conservation. His policies are embedded at national level, giving communities a legal right, which is impressive enough in Namibia, but his model has been used in Kenya and Mozambique. Garth is a legendary figure in African conservation. In addition to the trophy commissioned by Tiffany & Co, Owen-Smith receives a grant of £30,000 towards his conservation work.

    The Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa, sponsored by Land Rover

    Dr Emmanuel de Merode was awarded the 2015 Tusk Award for Conservation in recognition of his remarkable achievements protecting Virunga’s exceptional biodiversity throughout 25 years of civil war and life-threatening situations. Amongst many achievements, he has brokered agreements with rebel leaders, enabling his rangers to return to their homes and work. Emmanuel has also established long-term development programmes to secure the future economic viability of Virunga for its people. The Tusk Award recognises his achievements and his leadership and includes a grant of £15,000.
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    Great news!!

    Everyone must read 'An Arid Eden' by GOS

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    Congrats to all the winners!

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