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Thread: Navara VS Hilux

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    I had a 2009 Navara which I traded in for my current 2009 Hilux.

    Navara nice vehicle to drive, feels more like a car than a bakkie. Good for towing (towed 2 berth horsebox) and light on diesel usage.

    My only issue was very expensive on services (I service my vehicles at dealers) compared to my Hilux and off-road very "soft feel" compared to Hilux, but that's just my opinion.

    Sold Navara after 89 000km no issues and my Hilux now is on 207 000 no problems experienced. Current trade in offfered on 200 000km service at Toyota was R190 000 whereas my Navara got highest trade-in R205 000 on 89 000km. So Hilux does hold better trade-in value.
    2009 Toyota Hilux Raider 3.0 D4D 4x4 8)

    Sold : 2009 Nissan Navara 2.5 LE

    Sold : 2009 Toyota Fortuner Epic 4.0 4x4

    Sold : 2007 Mazda Drifter 2.5 SLE

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    Space (i think Navara)
    Performance(i think Navara)
    Resale (i think Toyota)
    reliability (I think either one)
    parts availability(I think either one)
    Price on parts (i think toyota might be slightly cheaper)
    safety and handling(I think Nissan)
    Insurance cost ( i think navara cheapest)
    theft risk( i think Navara lowest)
    Fuel consumption( Neither is heavy)
    towing capacity ( i Think navara)
    comfort( i think navara)
    aftermarket accessories 9I think toyota, although i dont think you will struggle at all to get for the nissan
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