Looking for conversion mechanic in Cape Town

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    Default Looking for conversion mechanic in Cape Town

    Can anybody recommend A workshop/mechanic to do drop a 1600 motor in a Suzuki SJ413 in Cape Town area? Preferably in Stikland/ Bellville/ Parow/ Brackenfell, that sort of vicinity?

    Somebody specializing in conversions would be ideal, can anybody recommend somebody in this area?

    Somebody who answers/ replies to emails would be a great advantage!

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    Why a 1600?

    I've done plenty Nissan 1400 conversions and thats plenty power for a SJ413..

    So far I've done-
    5R & box into a Rangy,
    4Y & auto box into a Rangy/Series 2 88 hybrid,
    Lexus V8 into a Defender,
    Lexus V8 into a Series 2 109/Rangy Hybrid,
    Nissan 1400 into a SJ410 x 3,
    Nissan 1400 into a Beach Buggy x 5,
    Rover V8 into a Mini Cooper,
    Rover V8 into a Kombi,
    Rover V8 into a Series 3 109,
    Chevy 4100 into a Series 3 109,
    Chevy 2500 & auto box into a Series 2 88 (current project in the workshop)

    Some of them even worked.....

    First question- what 1600 motor do you have/ want?

    Second- are you going to use the SJ413 Gbox & TC? - Do you have an adapter plate for said motor?

    Third- are you in a mad rush?

    Fourth and most important- Are you prepared to put down a deposit?

    Pop into my workshop in Killarney Gardens and I'll show you what I'm busy with....My numbers on the right

    Email answer? what?
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