Which Lift Kit is Best For Me?

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    Default Which Lift Kit is Best For Me?

    Hey guys

    I've just bought a Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited, and I'm dying to customise it a bit. The first thing I wanna do is make it higher, about 2.5 or 3", and put on some slightly bigger than stock wheels. Mainly for looks I guess...

    Only problem is I have no idea where to start or what my options are...
    I don't know of I can spend R20k right now - then again if that's the right and best way I'll rather save up and do it the proper way.
    I probably won't be going off road as much as the rest of you, maybe two or three times a year.

    Can anyone advise me about what kind of lift I could get, maybe how much it might cost and where I can get it?

    Sorry, I know you get this question a lot probably...

    Thanks so much for anything you can tell me

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    Im in the same boat. Would be good if the options from a sparer lift onwards could be discussed, pls.

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    I'm not a fan of spacer lifts. Rather do it properly, even if it means saving a bit.

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    Hi Matt

    If you want to put slightly bigger than stock wheels you may not need a lift. 285/70/17 fits on the stock rim with no lift.

    In terms of what lift for you, it really depends on what you want and what you are willing to spend. You could get a decent 2.5 or even 3" lift for under 20K.

    Maybe tell us how you use your Jeep and how often and then take it from there.

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