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    Morning all,
    I am a regular reader of this forum tho I don't post very much however today I am seriously excited and would like to my plans with all 'you of like mind'.
    I head out this afternoon to drive to Tanzania where I will meet up with my wife and 3 daughters to look for Wildebeest and, most importantly, 'climb the hill'. They will fly up at the end of the month which gives me 3 weeks to slowly drive up - am going in 'Hugo', my 2007 Disco 3, and should be pretty self sufficient. Have ambitious plans to drive thru Niassa and up the eastern side on TZ, thru the Selous (tiger fishing in the Rufiji?) and up to Arusha/Moshi - but need to warm up for the trip so am starting off with 4 days in Mana.
    After the climb the family fly out and I will wend my way back down via the west - Katavi, Lake Rukwa and into Zambia where I will cross South Luangwa from west to east before heading home via Zim/Bots. Can't wait.
    Bring it on!!
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    Lucky bugger, I am green with envy. Enjoy the trip and at least post some pic's when you get back.

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