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    Went to see my mother in law at my home town on the West Coast this past weekend.

    We went for a drive, and checked out Laaiplek jetty just to see what there were. Only 4 trawlers moored there, including Stormkop. The rest were out to sea.

    I arrived just too late to visit the Fisheries Museum next to the Laaiplek hotel. We arrived there at 13h03. The museum was open until 13h00. So we just had lunch at the Laaiplek hotel.

    I’m standing on a boardwalk that reaches into the Berg river at that point. And that’s my clan huddled around the table front right.

    To my left was the slipway. They clearly had some work waiting, but I have no idea how they are going the get this chap back to sea.

    As we travelled back through St Helena Bay we could see trawlers heading out to sea. Nice sight. At dusk I saw one having his net out just off Shelly Point, where we were booked in the Shelly Point hotel.

    We stayed at the Shelly Point hotel. Pretty marvellous. It’s on the Shelly Point golf estate. At the spitbraai dinner Saturday evening they had a guy from Hopefield making live music. Lovely.

    After dinner we took my mother in law back to her home. I could tell from the aroma emanating from the fishing factory just across the street from her house that some trawlers had by then returned with their load. The fish meal plant was clearly working.

    At abou t04h30 Sunday morning I woke up from a noise. At first I thought it was a chopper hovering close by. But it went on for too long. Later I thought it is a truck, but there are no roads close. And then I recognised the sound!

    I got up andl ooked through the window. Between the Cape St Martin light house and the Shelly Point light house I counted six trawlers heading back to the fishing factories of St Helena Bay and Laaiplek. It sounded like the industrial sized generator that my neighbour now installed at his house. Only less annoying.

    I got back in bed and found myself smiling in the dark, listening at the sound of old memories.
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    lieflike storie. Ons het dikwels in daardie area gekom toe my skoonouers nog daar gebly het. Nou was ek baie lanklaas daar.

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    Riyaad ranger;2880777]Hi guys I've never been a bakkie person until 2 weeks ago when I got myself the ford ranger 42 double cab. Now to all you die hard 44 guys this might not be a serious bakkie lol but can I please get some advice on where in Cape Town I can go do some off road driving with very little strain. The bakkie is equipped with different lock.

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    I know the owner of the Laaiplek slip very well.

    Sitting at that hotel 'having a few drinks' before you go home. Eish.

    let me just say that the men of the Weskus have an exceedingly high tolerance for alcohol.

    I think that hotel does roaring trade just putting up the poor buggers from Cape Town that go up there and try and drink level with the fishermen....

    I went there with some 'mericans the one time - had a view to buying an old boat for a movie.

    poor buggers. they looked ill for days afterwards....
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    Riyaad your post is move here, it will get better results:

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