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    Default Trip report: Lesotho, New oxbow lodge, Afriski

    Just a quick one.
    I was there for a few days until the 16th of July. Stayed at NewOxbow lodge and drove daily to Afriski.
    As mentioned elsewhere, don't do this pass before 9am or after 4pm. It almost always drops below zero this time of year and the roads ice up. (4x2's can do it between these hours only, AND IF it doesn't snow) It did not snow at Oxbow lodge itself.

    The one disadvantage of not staying at Afriski itself, was We had quite a bit of snowfall there, and as such every day we were at Afriski, the announcement would come over the loudspeakers saying: all day visitors with 4x2s need to leave, followed usually after an hour or 2 saying: ALL DAY VISITORS including 4x4s need to leave.
    Sorta sucks when you just bought a skipass and rental gear, and a private snowboarding instruction lesson...
    (but hey, i had an Evoque with off-road tyres, gas bottle and heater, ski clothing for all of us, and minus 5 degree rated sleeping bags) , so i "didn't hear that announcement"

    Anyway, we made it back later that afternoon (before 4) but I had to deflate the tyres to 1.4 bar for added safety. (so that meant a crawl back to caledonspoort the day we left as I don't have a compressor to reinflate)

    Overall, we had a great time. I basically just took my 2 boys (aged 4 and 6) just to go play in the snow and do some bumboarding. They simply loved it.

    Total cost including accommodation, dinner and breakfast, petrol, tolls, snowboarding (with a lesson cos Im useless) , boots and board rental for half a day, skipass, etc came to between 7 and 8k.

    Was a fantastic trip, and Im probably going to try do it agan before the season is over. This time maybe Ill take SWAMBO with...

    Some recommendations: If you do stay at Oxbow lodge, : Dont take room 23. It has holes at the top of the roof that lets the heat out and it then gets super cold.
    Don't sleep with the gas heater on no matter how tempting. It could cost you your life. 3.
    If you have a Thule roof box on, don't try park your car in your garage like i did
    Take the proper kit. you cant rent there. If you don't, you wont enjoy it. beg steal or borrow or otherwise rent from the ski deck ( We got away with only having to rent 3 items. But it's sure cheaper than buying for kids who will fast outgrow the stuff. Use gumboots and 2 pairs of heavy duty wool socks for the kids and yourself. you can get these from cape union. dont mix other socks in, as your feet will sweat and then freeze off! Wear one thermal layer, one very thin jersey and a decent snow jacket, anymore and you'll be too hot. Its not that cold while skiing...
    use sunblock and sunglasses if its sunny. dont forget passports. unabridged birth certificates for the kids and a copy of moms id if she doesn't go (as per those new rules although they don't mention the id copy)

    Autopage suspended my phone account due to excessive high bill. (I dint think the roaming charges could be THAT high in what some term as our tenth province. Apparently it is... I monitored my usage and sent home some small pics. but rather switch mobile data to off...all the time.

    Will try post some pics
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    and more pics
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    Looks like a awesome trip

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    great quick fun get away!!!
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    Shady, great photo's and report. You should have shouted, we entered thursday morning and I could have assisted with pumping the wheels a bit for you to get out safely.

    If you are not to worried about accommodation you can try the backpackers next time. Then you can be on the slopes at 9am when it opens and push it till 4:15pm when it closes. There is also some activities in the evening. And extreme bum-boarding on the main slope after 4pm.

    Saturday night at 8pm they have a ski burning ceremony where the guys ski from the top with burning fakles all the way down and then burn old broken ski's in a bonfire.
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    Thanks Rudi, maybe I'll try that next time

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