Kiting spot around Cape Town in the winter?

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    Default Kiting spot around Cape Town in the winter?

    I know the timing is all wrong, and the windy season start soon after we leave - but that is all I will have - Cape Town, 5 days at the end of a long trip, in late August.
    Would you recommend any spots within say, 150 km, that might work at that time?
    I am a reasonably experienced kiter, don't mind waves, or tricky launches/landings.

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    There were plenty of kites in the water today, here at Blouberg. I've seen guys ride both in South-Eastern and North-Western conditions. I think it is generally considered to be the prime spot for kite boarding around Cape Town.

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    Many spots around CT when there are cold fronts. best spots in winter on the blouberg side would be V-strand in Melkbos (NW & SW). Brandvlei dam is also great in winter. If you are experienced then Kitebeach & Big Bay are perfect in a NW but it is cross-on, and precold front NW can be very gusty and dangerous.

    Some guys kite milnetron Lagoon in a NW. But that is completely onshore with massive bolders and a very cramped ride. I have never kited there. An experienced kiter lost his life there a couple of years ago in a NW.

    If you are lucky and a SE comes through like it has the last few days you can kite all along the milnetron/tableview/blouberg coast.

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    The great thing about Cape Town is that because it's a peninsula, the wind is always offshore somewhere. As mentioned, the west coast sites are excellent, down south Soetwater and Misty Cliffs can be world class, False Bay coast Muizenberg onwards north wester is offshore. Check daily as the wind can be very temperamental in August - and there is always the chance of a massive cold front moving through bringing gale force north westers.
    Just make sure you have all the safety gear with you as this is a very treacherous coast.
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