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Thread: Low range lever

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    Default Low range lever

    Just spent an awesome week in Kosi Bay (which we fell in love with the place). So while driving back yesterday, suddenly had a loss of power which was pretty bad, to the point that crawling uphills trucks were overtaking me.
    Stopped and had a quick look as I've read here on the forum that the MAF is most likely the problem with a loss of power, or at least the 1st thing to look at. I found that the MAF sensor plug had come unplugged, so plugged it in again and nothing, so i switched off and restarted, and all was fine...sort of (something just seemed a little off).

    About an hour from home, same problem, stopped all seemed ok with the MAF, except this time the was also very little power below 2000rpm. So i literally took it slow and limped home. As i got home and wanted to put the car in to low range so that manoeuvring the trailer would be easier, the lever for low range had no resistance at all. It moves from high to low without engaging low. Could this be a linkage or cable or is it something a lot more severe ?

    its a ....

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    the linkage is cable driven
    possibly the clamp locating the cable may have worked its way loose or the cable may have snapped (never heard of a cable going in this application)

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    The linkage has a weird looking clip, and could have come out. This is on the H/L linkage side under the car on top of the gearbox.
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    Same thing happened to me.
    The linkage has a somewhat flimsy circlip keeping it in place.
    Mine simply fell off an as a result the linkage came off.
    If you remove the centre console, you should be able to refit it.
    I replaced the circlip with a slightly thicker one and that solved the problem.

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