Nigerian Govt needs to note this and appologise to all South African

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    Default Nigerian Govt needs to note this and appologise to all South African

    The Nigerian Government need to publicly acknowledge this atrocity, apologise to all South Africans and provide concrete plans of action to help prevent this in our country in the future. Human trafficking 'kingpin' to rot injail>>
    Pretoria News>>
    19 September 2019>>
    Zelda Venter>>
    Pretoria -Six life sentences and an additional 129 years imprisonment was meted out to aNigerian national for human trafficking and related charges after he kept threeyoung girls hostage to work as sex slaves.>>
    JudgeNatvarlil Ranchod, sitting in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, on Wednesdaycited experts as saying that human trafficking is increasing worldwide. It notonly caused trauma to the victims, but also to communities.>>
    Criminalsview it as a thriving business as sex slaves - often young girls - can be usedover and over to generate money for their brothel masters.>>
    But the judgemade it clear that the court viewed human trafficking in an extremely seriouslight and it will be met with the harshest sentences possible.>>
    The courtheard evidence behind closed doors for months from, among others, three youngvictims around the age of 13 and 14, who
    were lured from the streets by recruits - other young girls - used by brothelmaster Ediozi Odi.>>

    These girlswere mostly vulnerable and came from poor families. They were lured to a housein Springs with promises of a better life.>>
    None of thesevictims had any idea they were entering Odi’s brothel - a house whichmasqueraded as a shop and a barber.>>
    Once insidethe house of horrors, these girls were immediately forced to smoke a drugcalled “rocks”. This was manufactured and sold by Odi and is believed to behighly addictive.>>
    An experttold the court that once these girls were exposed to this drug, they wereimmediately hooked. He said they would do anything to get their hands on thedrug.>>
    The girlstold the court how they were taught to smoke the drug by one of Odi’sco-accused, Nomsa Hlalele.>>
    Once high onthe drugs, Odi himself raped these girls “to teach them the tools of the trade”as an initiation into the sex trade.>>
    The victimswere locked up in the house for the duration of their stay, while Odi send hisworkers to prowl the streets for prospective clients. They were also locked upin a dungeon under the floor of the house whenever the police raided the house.>>
    A 14-year-oldteenager was only rescued after a year, while two other victims were able toescape after a week, when the police raided the house following a tip-off thatthe brothel master was going to move them to another premises.>>
    The girlswere paid for their prostitution by means of drugs and they got hardly anyfood. The brothel master took all their proceeds.>>
    The courtalso heard evidence that some police officials were bribed to turn a blind eyeas to what was happening in the brothel. Judge Ranchod said that on the otherhand, these girls were saved by other SAPS officials who took their workseriously.>>
    Odi, who wasconvicted on 24 of the 29 charges against him, sat emotionless as Judge Ranchodtold him “You were the kingpin.” The judge also commented that Odi wasaggressive at times in court and he even threatened his co-accused. >>
    One of thefemale co-accused who had been acquitted at a stage leaped from the dock whereshe sat next to Odi and ran to her lawyer as Odi was threatening her.>>
    The judgereferred to pictures handed to court of the dungeon where these girls wereoften kept, as well as the filthy and unhygienic brothel that was littered withcondoms.>>
    Judge Ranchodalso referred to the fact that Odi used his co-accused Hlalele and Luke Bothaas drug runners. They often had to fetch drugs from other suppliers as well asingredients to manufacture his own drugs.>>
    The two drugrunners each received a suspended sentence for the possession of drugs, whileOdi received three life sentenced on three charges of human trafficking andthree more life sentences for each charge of rape.>>
    His bid toappeal against his convictions and sentences were also turned down.>>
    The victimshave meanwhile been reunited with their parents and Hlalele, who had a baby afew weeks ago, is drug free.>>

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    Default Re: Nigerian Govt needs to note this and appologise to all South African

    I think the South African President needs to apologize, and the Governing party needs to apologize, for letting scum in, and for letting scum get away with it for so long, and for failing the people, forcing them into horrible situations.
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    Default Re: Nigerian Govt needs to note this and appologise to all South African

    The fault is not solely with the Nigerian's here

    He may have run the place and be the most responsible for what happened
    But according to this people here in SA paid him for the "Service" and even some local police
    So general all round corruption

    Luckily there was other Police who took their responsibility seriously
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    Default Re: Nigerian Govt needs to note this and appologise to all South African

    I would not like to be tarred with the same brush as Markus Jooste if I went overseas for any reason. In the same vein, I am sure the Nigerian government would applaud the jailing of this individual.

    What we have is a general policing failure because crime intelligence is too busy looting its CI accounts to do its job. The taxi drivers complained at the outset that instead of protecting the citizenry, many police take bribes from the drug dealers to look the other way, and that is likely the case in first world countries as well. The sad thing is that most of the Nigerians who have gone home are probably relatively law abiding folk. The drug lords will just hunker down a bit lower and employ more intermediaries.

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    Default Re: Nigerian Govt needs to note this and appologise to all South African

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