Hi All

2011 Jimny

Having had OEM front discs skimmed and new pads fitted at 67 000km mark upon recommendation of both dealer and independent brake outfit I am once more (at 75 000km) faced with a violent pulsing through the brake pedal and feedback via steering column i.e. time to completely replace brakes.

A quote of R1850 a disc via dealership elicited a knee-jerk 'bugger that' reaction and I've since sourced a set of ALFA DR6101 through Autozone at R1100 (inc VAT) a piece ... and for a while I was somewhat chuffed at a perceived savings, until I tried having them fitted at Supa Quik. The technician informed me (and I witnessed) that the new disc would not fit on the wheel hub. The spigot diameter seemed just that bit too small and the disc could not be seated.

Bemused, I called Autozone and informed them of the fact. I also double checked ALFA's website to confirm part number and indeed the DR6101 was recommended for Jimny's 2008 onward. Measuring up internal diameter of new discs there did not appear to be eccentricity and by and large the figure arrived at was 107mm as listed under ALFA spec.

Ferodo's catalogued alternative to the OEM disc is a DDF351 - also of 107mm spigot diameter. Anecdotally, overlaying the existing vehicle mounted disc (once removed) with new disc, surface to surface, visually confirmed the one centre bore did not match the other.Searching the web I stumbled across this link http://www.bigjimny.com/index.php/fo...disc-size-help and perhaps the mystery is solved?

It would seem that post 2005 (or thereabouts) Jimny's have 108.3mm centre diameters (as opposed to earlier 107mm centres) and that makes a world of difference. Perhaps there is a workaround? No doubt one could have a mm or two machined off by a machine shop but that seems extra palavah and cost.

Perhaps I was just daft, didn't do enough research and made a rookie error. Heck, maybe my hubs have an issue?! Whatever the case, I do wonder if anyone else has walked a similar path in independently replacing their front discs? Perhaps this has been raised as a thread on this forum before, though a cursory search and read didn't flag this issue. If so, my apologies for rehashing. As it transpires, ATE has a model 24.0110-0355.1 that has 108mm centres and the search currently endures for these

Perhaps this experience could be useful to someone ...