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    Schumacher is atrocious, avoid at all costs. Cowboy nonsense I'd expect from an emergency bush mechanic not someone who charges dealer rates.

    Ndovu in town is good.

    In Karen there is Bush Rover (overpriced but good work), Umar (no experience but heard good things), Mud Rover (not a fancy place but good work).

    Chequered flag was ok, tried to skim 200euro from me but I parked in their office till I got a refund.

    Glen Matthews prob the best for LR but slow work and some inventive billing.

    Jungle Junction is in Lavington (unless they've moved), not Karen, and you will have to brave Ngong Rd to get there, which can be backed up for hours.

    Best source of spares in Kenya is Impala Spares in Nairobi; they stock various brands at prices close to those in the UK. However, it is a big company and can be a challenge to get through to anyone who can tell you stock/prices although their Karen branch is good. Impala Spares in mombasa (not related to the Nairobi company) is very good at sourcing parts no matter where you are in the country.

    Robs Magic, CMC etc have the problem of poor communication and very high pricing.
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