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Most often it happens that someone is handed a can of Pepper, and then expected to know how to use is after a few minutes of instruction, which does not actually include depressing the actuator!

Given that Pepper spray is a best suited for a non-lethal situation (Which may quickly escalate) it is best that some practice take place in how to use the Pepper Spray properly.

www.tacqm.co.za Sell’s a range of Inert Pepper Sprays in different sizes 45ml/60ml/100ml canisters and in Fog or Direct Stream.
We also have an Inert Fog Grenade.

I highly recommend that if you do use a Pepper Spray to keep you & Yours safe, that, you practice with an Inert spray to see its advantage’s & limitations of size and the Fog and Direct Stream nozzles.

Rule of thumb is: The bigger the cannister the more use you will get out of it. Particularly useful when training groups.

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As with all things that life and limb may depend upon: Know the law and practice how to use it properly.

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