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    Default New 2.5 Trailblazer owner

    I have recently purchased a 2.5 Trailblazer, after owning a petrol d/cab for many years please advise regarding a turbo diesel, some say let the engine idle for a short while before shutting down to allow the turbo to slow down. What is the correct procedure.


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    Hi and welcome to The Forum.

    If you've just been pottering around town slowly then no need to idle the engine before switch off, but if you suddenly stop after working the engine hard it's a good idea to let it idle for a minute or so before switching off. Whether it has real benefit is debatable, but it sure cannot do any harm either.

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    Congratulations on your TB, awesome vehicles.

    I have driven turbo's for years, including heavy trucks, I ALWAYS idle the motor for at least one minute after driving around town or two minutes after driving at speed on the freeway or pulling a trailer. Not only that, I idle the motor for 30 seconds before driving off, so that oil is pumped up to the turbo bearings. Even then I don't use full power until the motor has reached operating temperature.

    I'd rather waste a little bit of diesel over a period of time then replace the turbo sooner rather then later.

    Bear in mind that a turbo spins at +/- 150000 rpm, some spin slower, some spin faster, imagine the damage that could be done shutting off the oil supply.

    Its better to be safe then sorry
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