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    Hi all! I am new to astronomy and have recently acquired a Meade ETX125PE. The problem I have is that the cable for the Autostar is fairly worn out and on the first night I tested the scope, the control box would switch itself off intermittently. I would then had to plug it out of the scope and plug it back in to get it to work again. The next morning I connected the Autostar to my Pc and it never came on from there. No matter what I try, the Autostar is dead. Now, I am not sure if it's the cable that has given in or if I did something wrong when I connected my Autostar to the pc. My question is this:
    How can I tell what is wrong? Is there someone in SA who can test this control box for me? And, who supplies Meade accessories?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I am not sure who the Meade agents are in SA, but I am sure searching for them online will get some results. The problem is that many of the agents are remotely located and getting them equipment to test will probably be costly in itself. Then there is the idea that they will probably happily sell you a replacement even if it is not required. (Excuse me while I get cynical)

    The easiest would be to find someone with a similar unit and ask them to help test it. Unfortunately I never had Meades and the only Meade that I did use never instilled any confidence in me.
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