Kilimanjaro "What to pack Video"

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    Default Kilimanjaro "What to pack Video"

    Hi Members,

    If you are interested in climbing kilimanjaro have a look at this What to Pack video.

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    Yip we took almost all of that with ..except the walking sticks. They did not mention that you have to be in good state of walking fitness. That your heart races constantly above certain levels above sea level. Painkillers should also be taken to cope with the headaches as well as tablets to help you to adjust to the height above sea level.
    Some Americans in our group fell out after 2 days...some South Africans also in our group left after 3 days. All in all it was a great , but very tough experience , especially if you are not well prepared physically and mentally before you go.
    The pics always tell the final story.
    My Landie hou net aan loop...

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