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    So after a good couple of years being stubborn, I finally decided to take the plunge and go with clipless pedals. So I'm a4-stroke now. After a bit of mucking around with the kids over the weekend (they both got new bikes) got me used to clicking on and out, this morning was my first longish ride with them.

    What an improvement! My average speed is higher, climbing is easier, and overall I just feel faster. It may just be me trying to justify it, or being psyched about it, but I dig this - should have done it ages ago, maar nou ja...

    I must say that I can feel it in my legs this evening - some new places suddenly started hurting a little.

    If you're ever at this crossroad in your life, just do it!
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    It's not just self-justification, you really have more power and improved pedalling efficiency. Congrats on the switch!

    Next you'll also notice on the technical stuff that you have more control of the bike, especially when you start going airborne (if you're on a mountain bike that is).
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