With all the types of insurances out there, I was contemplating a few things.

I am a TuffStuff client, and very happy. I never needed to claim, and hopefully won't need to, but feel great having Deon run my stuff. I am a peace of mind fan, I want to know when it goes bad, it'll be fine, and I don't mind paying a bit for it (within reason).

I know TuffStuff will do what they do best, and give me a car while I need one to get to work. On top of that, they also cover my home/contents and a bike we have.

Something that I don't think (??) I am covered for is general wear/breakages. Sudden tyre damage, or a random thing like a diff or something just going byebye, or my aircon ceasing action... if you know what I mean.

I doubt TuffStuff covers this kind of thing?
I picked up a booklet at Suzuki, McCarthy/Bidvest's insurances. They have everything, from tyregaurd, to maint.plans, to warranties...

Do any of you have extras like this for unforeseen issues? Reading about a poor oke's D3 having a crank explode, I felt really sad, but also scared.

I would like to be covered where I can, but where it makes sense. Money is money and must be conserved, sparingly while the current government is running the place anyway.

Would like to hear your inputs, make some informed choices and bring to light the cautions that everyone could learn from.

Have a good weekend guys, be safe and upright.