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    Default www.tacqm.co.za Pepper Sprays

    www.tacticalquartermaster.co.za Hand Held Pepper Sprays.

    Pepper spray generally have been given a bad name simply because there are those who sell it as THE solution to Self-Defence.

    Let’s be clear about this: TacQM sells pepper spray as a solution to a Non- Lethal threat.

    If faced by a lethal threat then a lethal response is called for.

    The problem is that the level of threat is seldom clearly known BEFORE hand.

    Situations may escalate and you do not want to defend yourself with can of aerosol spice when the threat is lethal.

    Our advice to customers who do purchase the SWAT OPS is:

    1) Have a plan B. The spray may not work simply because the attacker may be in another chemical soaked universe and not immediately succumb to the spray. Running away/Creating Space is a good plan B.

    2) Get a gun and train. (We hope they listen)

    3) Train how to access, deploy and use the spray.

    www.tacqm.co.za has a range of Hand Held Pepper Sprays.

    They range in size from the 45ml 60ml and 100ml. The Pepper Spray can either Fog or Stream form.

    Fog sprays out to a distance of 2 meters, is best suited for indoor use and can quickly fog up a passage or room. Outdoors it is susceptible to wind and thus less accurate.

    A customers used a Fog canister discharged through a sun roof to evade a car in traffic that was following them whilst doing CPO work.

    Direct Stream is similar to a stream from a very strong water pistol out to 2-3 meters. One has to be accurate. Advantage of D/S is that its effects are pretty localised and theoretically cannot enter the air conditioning system as it has not been aerosolized.

    This is important when one is working in a shopping mall or Corporate Environment.

    The SWAT-OPS pepper sprays are locally manufactured and work. We supply the public and security companies with them.

    They a compact, have a safety flip cover and work well beyond their expiry date and depending on the model may have an adjustable belt clip

    It is critical that one knows how to use the spray properly:

    DO NOT USE YOUR THUMB to depress the actuator.

    Potentially this can result in your index finger covering the nozzle, which will only serve to make your day more interesting, in a bad way!

    Rather grip the can and depress the actuator with your index finger. This way most of your fingers are out of the way of the nozzles.

    I know of one instance when a female jogger defended herself with a spray, however when she tried to spray the attacker a second time she succeeded in dosing herself. Fortunately some bystanders were able to assist

    www.tacqm.co.za sells practice cans of inert aerosol gas and water, * whicj are ideal for practice.

    Use these product to learn how to deploy and use the SWAT OPS pepper spray. My daughters had great fun beating me up and spraying me with them. It was great training!

    www.tacqm.co.za also has SWAT OPS Fog grenades. One depresses the actuator and tosses it into a room or vehicle. This does not work with a time delay, so it is best suited for dropping through windows or rolling into a room. This will quickly clear a room of striking workers or violent students.

    The Grenade is also available in inert form.

    Be advised: If the Pepper Gas is employed in a confined space with only one exit one could cause a stampede resulting in death or injury.
    As with any tool that can be used for self-defence, practice and know the laws surrounding its use.

    For pics, prices and specs please see:

    www.tacticalquartermaster.co.za we are ONLINE, deliver Nation Wide or you can Collect.

    Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

    *If you must know: It has a scent of pineapple with hint of berries and no angry overtones.
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    awesome products, are you based in Alberton?



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    Hi Reniere

    Thanks for the kind words ;-)


    We are a web based store, though our store room can be found at:
    21 Thornton st
    Cnr 5th.

    Call us on 011 477-7031 and ask for Tactical.

    We have no Show Room as such, but our Store Room is pretty cool if you wish to touch and feel the products first.

    Hope this answers your question.

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