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    Hi all,

    Camping in Mabua for 2 nights with ground tents. I've had lion intrusion there before but I was in a roof-top.

    2 tents
    2 vehicles

    Any suggestion on camp layout and setup?


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    Mark I don't think you have to be too paranoid about the lions here and do not allow fear of possible lion intrusion into your camp to spoil your trip. But I agree that it pays to plan the camp setup wisely just in case.

    In Mabua, the lions most often visit to look for water. Thus if your campsite has water do not set up the tents too close to the shower and its runoff and the tap if present.

    The A-frame is usually a safe distance from the water, with the fire pit just in front of it. Place your 2 ground tents next to each other facing the water and the fire pit. Park the vehicles on either side of the tents, facing them, to form a U-shape of sorts. The vehicles must be close enough to the A-frame and tents to allow you to seek shelter in them rapidly should there be an intrusion. Leave them unlocked and the front seats clear of any impediments to rapid entry.

    Site all of these so that the fire pit is at the mouth of the U between where you will be sitting in front of the tents and the fire. Also with the fire being between you and the water, with your backs and sides being somewhat protected.

    If for any reason you need more privacy than offered by the tents next to each other , place the vehicles between the tents.

    Remember to pack everything into the vehicles at night as these lions can be quite destructive at times. Do not store any food or even cooking utensils with a food odour, in your tents.

    After stating all of this we most often end up sitting in a position offering the best view, for instance down onto the pan below.
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    Hi Mark

    not uncommon for guys to put the tents under the A frame. I have seen tents under the A frames with netting over the rear as well. Make sure there is nothing to tempt them in the way of food, dishes or even water close to the tents. Not even anything they can play with. My last 2 Mabua trips have rewarded me with sightings of no less than 16 Lions. 4 of those were night time visitors.
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    Thanks guys, I will try the u shape camp layout. Im not paranoid, but would rather just get some advise. I did the private 4x4 wilderness trail in Sept 2011 and had no major troubles. One leopard in camp and 3 lions. All were just walking past. But rather safe than sorry.

    Thanks for the advise and looking forward to my trip.

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