2009 Disco 3 tdv6

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    Default 2009 Disco 3 tdv6

    So found a mint condition 2009 disco 3 with 100k km on the clock, full service history with agents...am strongly considering this one.....D4 are just alittle out my range at this point.

    So the questions are:
    1. What would you recommend I service/replace before I decide to take delivery of this car.....brake switch, suspension compressor etc....?
    2. By 2009, surely most of the issues plaguing the Disco 3 would have been sorted.

    PS...will get service and repair history from the dealers tomorrow. Oh and of course I will definately take a extended warrenty.
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    HI Bigfoot

    D3's are brilliant vehicles, and with a little active prevention are also VERY reliable.

    I would get checked:

    1. Decat and EGR blanking done?

    2. Compressor working properly

    3. EPB operating without screeching

    4. Check for play in the lower control arm bushes

    Once you got the vehicle get hold of Mike Grant of Mike Mechanics in PMB and get the engine treated with Poly-TFE. This is to prevent the engine from running bearings, which can be quite an issue on TDV6's.

    Also add 500ml of Sasol 2sO with every tank of diesel during fill up. It will save you lots of bucks.

    BTW: During the week of 26th Jan we will be doing Sani Pass again with the D3. Really looking forward to that.

    Good luck!
    George Bosch
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