Who will be camping at Rooiputs 8-16/02/2015

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    Default Who will be camping at Rooiputs 8-16/02/2015

    Hi all, we will be at Rooiputs no5 for 2 days and the rest at no 6 campsite from 8 Feb 2015 to 16 Feb 2015. Pop in for a Calitzdorp port and very nice boerewors if you are there at that time.
    I am towing my old Jurgens to Kakamas for 2 weeks while I am working on the church windows and decided to get a few days at Rooiputs because it is so close and accessible for a normal caravan. We usually use a ground tent but will be more "civilized" this time around.8)

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    Default Great

    Camp 5 has the owls so you camp lower down under the tree.
    Camp 6 is nice.
    Share Ablutions for 5 and 6.
    Secret...... You can shower 10 times a day at 5 and 6 you have running water. But it is very, very salty water. You can dust yourself off and save on braai salt. The lodge is not a problem at all.
    It gets irritating when people are exploring 5 and 6 with vehicles They seem to think it is a 4x4 track, all it serves is for the Bots people to service the water hole and pump etc, it heads to the lodge.
    Full of Lions at ROOIPUTS
    lots of little springbok around so lots of cats.
    Rather post in North Cape section
    Defender Kalahari
    Series 3 SWB
    Series 2 SWB (Near Future)
    Series 1 Station Wagon 88''

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    Thanks a lot.

    Been there November at 5 for 4 days. No lions in camp but cheetahs did visit and made a kill one morning between Rooiputs and Kij-Kij waterholes next to Rooiputs road. Main road were closed up to Kij-Kij due to rain - road flooded for many days. Mother and 4 nearly adult cubs. Finished the large springbok by late afternoon without interruptions and looking misshapen and comic with the huge round bellies.

    Did see about 40 lions during our 10 day stay, nearly half of them "dead" for at least 2 days at a time. Drove about 1 km with a large male walking next to me 2 metres away. Had a very nice thunderstorm that apparently caused some damage in TR. We only had a few bent poles and lots of sand being blown into everything. But that is part of the whole experience.

    Enjoyed it so much that being in Kakamas seemed so close that I just had to book a few days again. Like the summer heat and the quiet.

    Will post in NC section though.

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