Second Battery in Xplorer

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    Cool Second Battery in Xplorer

    Just trying to find out if any of the Xplorer owners on the forum have installed a second battery in their home from home.

    We are going to Bots in two weeks and I have a spare 105 Ah Deltec and would like to know if it is possible to install it with out any upgrade to the rest of the system?

    2007 3.0 D4D DC 4X4 31 " Bridgestone A/T, Ride Rite,Long Range Tanks, NL Dual Battery System
    2008 Jurgens Xplorer
    2012 Pajero GLX Now with Air Max on the back

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    Mine came with a second battery installed. Me, not being a technical person, can not say what proses was involved to fit same but I have the wire diagram for the total 12v set up on the van. PM me should you like to have a look at this.

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