Hi all. I recently got a '96 Defender that had been converted from petrol to diesel. The previous owner did all the electrics himself, and included central locking, winch, dvd player, sound system, tonnes of spotlights/working lights etc.

There are a number of electrical faults, as well as a massive battery drain coming from a 60A fuse circuit. I have been trying to get the mechanics ready for a long trip in December, and have not had time to learn, understand and repair electric systems (I don't understand things that I cant really see...). It is so rewarding to fix stuff myself, but this is just taking too much time which I want to spend on the mechanical side of things.

I am new to Middelburg, MP, and have not had great experiences when it comes to service and assistance with my other car. Or any other type of services for that matter.

Please, if anyone has had good service from an auto electrician in this area, please could you send me their details? I would really appreciate it.