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    Default Just wondering..... (insurance question)

    So Johnny goes and buys himself his first 4x4 and is very proud. Naturally, he wants to pimp it up so he selects a range of accessories he wants, but put off by the high costs he gets his mate to help him make some stuff for his new wheels.....
    One thing he wants is a dual battery system for his fridge to keep the beer chilled, so he buys a second battery, some wire and connectors, and over some beers, they rig up the system, and it all works!

    So off Johnny goes on an overland trip, and somewhere along the road a small fire breaks out, sort of in the area of the second battery. Everyone bails out to watch in horror as the pride and joy is gutted. Tearfully Johnny calls his insurance company to ask for another 4x4, but they tell him that because he's fitted non-standard stuff, fitted by a non-approved installer, they're not gonna pay out his claim, so now he's really crying!

    How close to the truth is this story, and how many okes here might just be in Johnny's situation?

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    I haven't been in such a situation, but it would in my opinion be totally fair for the insurance to refuse the claim if it is determined that the home-made electrical installation was the cause of the fire.

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    Colin you missed ONE line -

    before heading off get a letter from an approved specialist confirming the details of all the items installed (good luck getting such a letter on a shoddy installation), including full replacement value.

    Now submit this letter to your insurance, specify the extras on your insurance and Johnny dont have to cry

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