Game Reserves with Poaching Problems

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    Default Game Reserves with Poaching Problems

    I'm looking for leads of Game Reserves or Game Farms with poaching problems.

    As we all know more than 1000 Rhinos have been poached this year
    Mostly in the Kruger.
    But where else? Where are the problem areas?
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    My older brother is on the management for Kapama, they have had incidents but thier now employing staff specificly for the purpose of anti poaching.
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    In KZN, I think Hluhluwe/Umfolozi have quite a poaching problem-as well as some of the private reserves in the area-further North also Mkhuze, and lately Ndumo and Tembe.

    I fear the problem will soon become more complex, with poachers beginning to focus on other species too. The idea that 'one can get away with poaching' is setting in, and before long it will be elephant too.

    As for poaching outside of the reserves where rhino and elephant occur-I think there we probably have a 'masked' situation that is very bad in respect of small-game poaching-resources for protecting those species that are not 'in the limelight' are probably being cut through inefficient management, and diversion of resources to the rhino-specific cause.
    I recall a recent seizure of some 100's of kg's of pangolin scales.
    And, with our burgeoning population of West/Central African people, you can bet the bush-meat trade has seen a dramatic rise in poaching of small game in the last decade or two.

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