Hey guy sorry I kinda a just dropped this thread but, I've actually never stopped researching and developing an lift kit for the X5

I'm in the market for an F15 BMW X5 m50d and should be buying one in the next two months.

I have developed an lift kit that would be ale to allow the X5 to accommodate 33 or 35 inch tyres and again I'm stuck on rim and tire sizes

The most common offroad tyre seems to be 17, 18 and 20 inch, it's like the 19 just got left behind

at the moment this is what I think will work

Brakes Front 345mm, Rear 385mm
RIMS 20X10 with -44 Offset

33x12.5xR20 or
305x55xR20 or

I don't really want to go to 35 inches it just seems overkill but, I think it would be better offroad as you get an taller sidewall on an 20 inch rim and that's my biggest problem on the 33 inch tire the side still seems small especially when you have to deflate tires