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Got it!!!
Dropped it at the Tracking guys for the SkyTrax.

Still not registered in my name though!
No mats, but they have been promised.

Nice touches:
It looks like the one in the pic, has fog lights etc.
Flooring is thick shiny Kong rubber/plastic - easy to wash.
Has that idle control like in the old KB280...EXACTLY like in the KB280.
They gave me a Big Jim Toolbox crammed with sweets & goodies.

Fong Kong items:
It has NO A/C but it has the A/C button, which lights up when you press it. A liter of water in the footwell with the blower set on high eliminates the need for AC
It has a door lock button that does nothing. The AVIS SPEC 'Lux also has this great feature, but no central locking
It has a window lock button that locks the doors, but not the windows.
The temp dial is HOT left & COLD right - opposite to most other vehicles.

I'll post pics when I gat it back from JTS Car Sound & Security...
It's following the trend.