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    Thumbs down Colt General problem.

    Since about 1 week my colt started idling higher than ususal. Upon starting it it took one or two swings more before it caught, followed by a cloud of white smoke.

    My Car was last serviced 9000KM ago. Recently when checking under the hood I noticed the coolant reservoir was bone dry and at the bottom there was some brown sticky juice that smelt very very bad. I immediately set out to flush out the radiator however couldnt get the front skidplate or bashplate ( im not sure what the term is) off.
    So I called it a day and filled the reservoir, let her run for a while, re filled, let it run. It took about 4 fill ups of the reservoir until it stopped drinking the water like that. The reservoir is now at a steady level and I put in a coolant mix aswell.

    It never once indicated any overheating. Temp gauge never climbed above 1/2.

    Now ive been hearing a whoosh sound when pulling away but only when the engine is warm. I decided to check the engine bay and its very clear when revving it to about 2k RPM.

    I am very scared of the dreaded Cracked head fiasco and I am most probably to blame for it, since I was dumb enough to not check the coolant level regularly.

    However has anybody got any idea what I could be dealing with?
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    Is the whoosh sound not just the fan ?
    It has a viscous coupling, so the fan only turns full speed when the engine is warm.

    Hope it is that.....
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