Triton Clutch Farkle

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    Talking Triton Clutch Farkle


    When you mention the words Triton and Clutch in the same sentence there seems to be a general consensus that is is a very expensive exercise and most Tritonions become somewhat nauseous and lightheaded at the very thought.

    Last week I sent my 3.2 to the stealers to get the job done and I was pleasantly surprised at the level of service received from the Menlyn branch. The dealer was initially not my first choice, I called half dozen gearbox and diff repair centers and other well known Mitsi repairers around P-town.

    Well, to begin with, some of the repair shops think you do not know your vehicle and will immediately tell you that the dual mass fly wheel also needs replacing and you look at anything in the region of R11k... no sir, it won't since my Triton does not have a dual mass, that said, sometimes if the flywheel has hot spots then they'll send it to the engineering guys to do their magic, if it is worse for the wear, well, then you replace it, for a mere R3600 (please, let's not get technical, give or take a couple of Mandela's).

    I booked the ute in for the clutch and a decent service (I'm currently on 170k km), the invoice was somewhere in the region of R14.5k for the whole thing, clutch and engine oil with full filter service (they only check air cleaner at 170k, I asked for it to be replaced).

    Now I do have some issues with a stealer service, for one, the parts and labour. The oil came to R100 per liter, you lucky 3.2 owners will know that the beast needs 9.3 liters to be completely satisfied, so tat's almost a grand, the filters you can definitely buy cheaper at any other spares shop and the labour, well, you can easily do a full filter and oil service in under one hour. On the other hand, I am extremely happy with the result of the service, the technician was fortunately the main man in the shop and has plenty of years at Mitsubishi so he knows the vehicle like the back of his hand. The clutch feels great, like new, the service also has made a difference in the overall feel of the vehicle, it's nice and smooth, the technician even did a few extras which I was not even charged for, the steering wheel had a bad squeal (since I did the body lift kit.. ), sorted, the electric seat had issues, sorted.

    I really have no complaints about the level of service, the vehicle was even washed and looked as good as new when I picked it up.

    Sorry for making this a very long winded thread, my point was simply this, I called several repair shops and received a lot of information from many different people, did some of them try to make a quick buck?, yes, I am sure of that, will some of them ever see me again?, no sir! Many of these 'specialists' seem to forget that not every inquiry is done by a complete novice, they seem to treat most people like idiots and think they can talk so much nonsense and just confuse you into submission.

    Well done Menlyn Mitsubishi for your professional and friendly service, I will see you in three weeks to do the viscous fan coupling! Now that's another story for another thread....
    Leon 'Leroy' Botha

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    Good to hear, I must say my previous 09 Lancer was cheaper to maintain than my Business partners Corolla at the dealer. Once out of warranty I get my servicing done at a private workshop that's a Bosch accredited service center and so far I've had no nasty suprises from my Triton or previous Lancer.
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