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    Default SA 4x4 in Kenya: Import/Export/Sale Questions!


    Putting out some questions here hoping someone can enlighten me:

    I have a South African registered car which I drove up from Cape Town to Nairobi, Kenya, and now that I'm officially broke I need to sell the car and fly back to Norway. However, navigating the import/export rules and regulations of this continent is a nightmare and I'm stuck:

    Is it possible to obtain a police clearance certificate for this car when I'm not in South Africa? Does anyone know anything about this? I have tried contacting South Africa but it takes forever to get any kind of answer, so hopefully someone here know.

    Since I have a feeling that I'll never be able to get the required documents needed to sell the car here I'm looking into storage and I'm wondering:

    What happens if I leave the car here, come back in six months and try to cross the border with an expired Temporary Import Permit? And how would I go about extending this permit? Anyone have any experience with this?

    Thank you for your time!


    PS. The car for sale:
    A 2008 Nissan Hardbody
    2x4 4x4 4x4L
    2.5 Diesel
    102 000 km
    South African plates
    Jurgens camping unit on the back.
    PM for details

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    Hi Bjorn, why not advertise it for sale here, on the forum - if it has a valid SA licence, you may find someone who wants to do a trip from Nairobi to SA, and sorting out the paperwork shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Is it on a carnet, or just a TIP?

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    You should be able to extent your Temporary Import Permit in Dar.

    Otheriws advertise it here, but than you'll need some pictures.
    Thers also a classifieds section here:

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    You would have to extend your import permit for Kenya in Kenya, not Dar.

    You can contact some of the overlander places like Karen Camp or Jungle Junction and ask if they can keep renewing your permit for you while you wait to sell. I believe there is a limit to how many times you can do this in Kenya (might be wrong); in Tanzania you can keep rolling it over for about $20 a month.

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