Towing Bush-Baby trailer with Ford Bantam

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    Default Towing Bush-Baby trailer with Ford Bantam

    Okay, I have had a couple of questions about how I tow the Bush-Baby with the Bantam. So, here's the feedback:

    As you will gather from my previous thread about generators, I went to Borakalalo with the girlfriend for the long weekend. The dirt roads, pot-holes, high middelmannetjie and pouring rain really put the Bantam / Bush-Baby combination to the test.

    The logic I used was that the Bantam's tare was about 1.1 tons. The law says I can tow anything without a brake weighing half of that i.e. 550kg. The Bush-Baby weighs 360kg unloaded. Then it has a 50 litre water-tank (another 50kg). So, I would have about another 140kg odd to load it with. The heaviest items are the tent at 32kg, the battery and the packed fridge - the last two are damn heavy. The rest are just odds and sods. My view is that the trailer's main purpose is to organise things and not necessarily to transport them. Logic says that things like the tent which get unpacked at the destination can go in the bakkie and things like the fridge and battery must stay put in the trailer. So, by moving the tent and a few other bags and things to the bakkie, the bakkie's weight will increase and the trailer's decrease. So, I figured all would be well.

    To be honest, I was still a bit nervous. And rightfully so after a close call a few kilometres out when, despite applying various braking pressures to the bakkie, the trailer just pushed it onwards. Turned out that the petrol atttendant had pumped the bakkie's tyres to 3 bar instead of 2.3 bar. Letting some air out solved the problem.

    Towing was fine up to speeds of 120km on the highway - no sway and no fish-tailing. Didn't have the urge or the need (or the balls) to try faster. Average speed was about 90km/h. Some hills dropped the speed to 60km/h or 70km/h in 3rd gear but the car still felt strong.

    Handled without a problem on the 23km, muddy dirt road between Brits and Borakalalo at speeds of around 60km.

    I was panicking to pull the trailer out of the actual camp site in the mud and to climb the long hill heading towards the main gate when we left but the Bantam handled both these tasks at fairly low revs without too much strain and with no spinning of the wheels at all.

    All in all, I am very very happy with the way the Bantam and the Bush-Baby worked together. I may consider some form of dirt tyres or hybrids for the next trip but, based on what I experienced this weekend, it is not really necessary. But at least for me for now, the Bantam meets my needs as a towing vehicle for camping trips.

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    Snuns , happy all worked out well and that the Trek was not needed..
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