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    Default Bike jacking

    My mate just recently finished the Cape Epic in the top third. Just to finish this race is a feat on its own.

    He went on a training ride on the weekend and after his partner left him decided to do a loop through an area he rides regularly. Now all alone on a single track, he was confronted by a chap with a panga. He managed to keep the bike between himself and the attacker who was intent on stabbing / slashing him. On his third lunge, Dave managed to throw the bike at him and at the same time this bastards mate came out the grass. Dave managed to punch him and ran away.
    Luckily he was fit enough to run away from them.

    Luckily his R45k bike is insured, but it just grates me. These buggers will probably just sell the bike (a YETI) for a couple of hundred......

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    I wont go alone in the bush. Even then the .45 rides along [good training with the extra weight] Pepperspray works good for the dogs wanting to catch me, pun intended. They also look for scrawny laaities as well. He is getting away now so will do again.
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