Cherokee Long roads, music & sand: my first road trip!

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    Red face Help needed for my first road trip!

    I have finally decided to go on a little road trip to Botswana to visit my parents. Seeing as I hardly use the Jeep seeing as I work from home, I am not too sure what the mileage really is, and was wondering if anyone could possibly give me some insight into the matter. I have never really driven too far - we usually make trips in the Hilux, and yup, only basically filled it up once *blush*.

    It's a 2007 Jeep Cherokee 3.7 Auto, it's basically brand spanking new with only 43 000km, and just had a service.

    What I'm curious about is the following (if anyone could help a somewhat clueless gal):
    1. How many km's per liter I can expect (more or less) if anyone drives this model.
    2. About how much a trip of 1100km can set me back - again, more or less this at a normal speed of course as I'm not much of a speeder (120km MAX)
    3. If there is anything on the car that I need to have looked at before making such a long trip (from experience with this vehicle).

    I know it's rather silly of me not knowing all of this *sigh* therefore I will be forever grateful for any help.

    Thanks all
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