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    Default Jeep Cherokee, 2.4 Sport, 2003

    I heard a sudden grinding noise in the drive shaft/middle to front part of my Jeep a few weeks ago. It went away when I accelerate. It lasted for a day or two but on and off. The noise is altogether gone now.
    The Jeep dealer told me that the noise was coming from the transfer case. They lifted the Jeep and somebody accelerated the Jeep through the gears. It sounded especially noisy above 80km/h or so. They also checked the oil level in the transfer case which was still fine.
    I took my Jeep to two gearbox and diff. experts and both found nothing wrong with the transfer case.
    The one however found that my gearbox spigot bearing needed to be changed - when I press in the clutch, the noise (coming from the spigot bearing) goes away-upon release its there.
    I do not use my Jeep for off-roading. I am having my Jeep now for +/- 3 years and have in that time only used the 4X4 at least four times for less than an hour at a time.
    My 4x4 Propeller shaft have been disconnected about 2 years ago because it needed to be replaced-I did not bother to replace it agaon.
    Do I worry unnecessary?

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