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    Default Road Kill data required by EWF

    Members of this forum will be travelling during the July holidays, and this will be the ideal time to assist with collecting the data required by EWF.

    If you have a GPS, a navigator who can write down the information, you are set! Please read the info below as well as the attached flyer.

    THE EWT LAUNCHES A ROADKILL MITIGATION PROJECT IN THE PILANESBERG NATIONAL PARK 5thJune 2014 Start The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife and Transport Programme (EWT-WTP) has launched a new project which aims to reduce animals killed on roads in National Parks. Pilanesberg National Park in North West Province is the first South African park to support the initiative. Pilanesberg is the third most frequented park by international and national visitors alike, and is managed by North West Parks and Tourism Board. The Park is unique in that it occurs within the transition zone between the dry Kalahari and wetter Lowveld vegetation, commonly referred to as "Bushveld". Thus it has a rich diversity of birds, mammals and plant species.

    According to Wendy Collinson, Field Officer of the EWT-WTP, “Road mortality is probably the best known and visible impact of roads on wildlife but whilst this is a relatively new area of study in South Africa, roadkill was first noticed as far back as the early 1920s. Roadkill only became common with the advent of the car at the beginning of the 20th Century; there may well have been incidents from carts and wagons, but it would have been rare due to the slow speed of these vehicles.”

    There is evidence locally and from other countries that roadkill is a real threat to the survival of a variety of species.

    The EWT-WPT will be back in Pilanesberg in October 2014 to conduct more roadkill data collection and questionnaires. Visitors to parks are encouraged to become citizen scientists by contributing to the research. If, during your travels, you spot any roadkill on our roads please record your sighting via our cell phone app, Road Watch South Africa, and the EWT-WTP will use the data you share in their work to reduce the impacts of transport on our wildlife. The app has been designed to simplify data collection. Just with a click of a button you will send us a photo of the incident, as well as the date time and GPS co-ordinates. To take part simply type this link into the Safari browser on your Android platform phone: ... Africa.apk. The app is also available Apple – simply search for Road Watch.
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