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    Going to Botswana April 2015 with 4 families, including some kids of about 10 or 11. Thinking of doing about 12 days staying at Baines Baobabs (1 night), Moremi(4), Khwai River91), Savute(2), Chobe(2), then back via Kasane and Francistown. Is this do-able? Should we doing this the other way round? Any other recommendations for a route to follow or any other places to stay?

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    Your route looks good.. but SA to Baines is quite far, I suggest overnighting somewhere enroute - Khama Rhino in Serowe, or Francistown etc.

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    Thanks Tara, will give you a call.

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    Yes I agree. Sleep over at Khama. Next sleep at Kubu Island and from there to Baines. Baines is a magical destination and so is Kubu.

    Good luck with the reservations for Moremi.


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    Hi mdicks. I did a similar trip,last year. Tara is correct in saying that SA to Baines is impossible in one day. I would try get to Nata in a day. Nata lodge is good value mad kids will love the pool area. From there I would go to Baines, but I would suggest a visit there in way in or out. Get a few nice pics and have a cold one and enjoy it for a bit. From there I would suggest you stay at Nxai Pan. There has been a bit of controversy over Nxai camping of late due to the elephants damaging the pipes and solar panels for warm water. We were lucky enough to have warm water.

    When we were there there had been a kill everyday for over a week between Lion, Cheetah and leopard. We didn't see a cat let alone a kill. We did witness an awesome spectacle of a chase and cat and mouse between Jackal and baby springbuck. Between Dec and Jan there are hundreds of springbuck Zebra and wildebeest which go there to give birth in the large open plains so they can see predators coming from a way off.

    One of the rangers we met there had previously worked at 3rd bridge in Moremi for 4 years and he was telling us how the ca sightings and kills are better and more frequent than Moremi (his words). I can see how this is possible as the amount of young game was insane. I can imagine the cats having a field day there.

    Anyway - that's my 5c worth.

    Enjoy the planning, it's half the adventure.
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    thanks guys, very useful. Donlux which camp did you stay in at Nxai?

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    Only one camp South Camp. North has been O/O/O for 15years or more. Sandy road but doable. The pans can still be wet in early April if there are late rains. April is my favourite time in Nxai- remember full moon is the best time.

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    Hi mdicks

    I agree with the others, Baines on one day is to far. We did JHB to Planet Baobab in 1 day over easter and it took us 16 hours. Also Baines is in a National Park so entrance will be restricted to daylight. My suggestion would also be to stay somewhere half way and it will depends on were you are traveling from within SA.

    We stayed at South Gate for a couple of days and all I can say it was amazing experience. We had a lot of water on our way to Khwai river but it is worth the visit.

    In Chobe we stayed at Ihaha camp. Defenetly worth the visit.

    Just bear in mind that you have to pay the park fees in cash on checkin, this can hurt your cash flow .

    Just to make you jealous. Have a look at some of our pictures.Click image for larger version. 

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    Enjoy the planning that is half the fun.

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