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    Hi all
    I need some help from the GURUs here , I have seen and read quite a few posts regarding the same subject but would like some input.
    We have been thinking about getting a vehicle with more ground clearance and also 4x4.
    I would not like to spend more than R115 000 on this.
    We want to use it for the odd off-road escape (DIE HEL ect), launching a 15 ft cabin boat in the river so no major 4x4 trails or bundu bashing.
    I have the following in mind in no particular order:
    • Kia Sportage 2L Petrol or cdri 4wd model 2005 -07
    • Jeep Cherokee 2.8 crd
    • Bmx X3 x drive
    • Toyota RAV
    • Mitsu Pajero SWB 3.2 did

    I had a look at the Subaru Forester and Volvo xc90 but they are simply to big.
    It needs to be a “compact” vehicle because my wife would drive it too and I travel to work and back in it. I do about 500km per week every second week as we have a lift club and we alternate.

    Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looking at your list, I would argue that the Mitsu Pajero would be the most capable. The problem here is, once you get a Pajero, your list of things you want to do get longer.
    Lusted for a Landy but the Pajero was sexier and bigger in the right departments, just like my Missus.

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