Taking Camera Gear into Moz, and latest Vehicle requirements list

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    Default Taking Camera Gear into Moz, and latest Vehicle requirements list

    Hi Fellas

    I'm heading to Moz this weekend for a wedding. 2 questions from my side:

    1. Where can I find the latest comprehensive list of requirements / check lists. (e.g. ZA stickers, orange bibs, triangles etc).

    2. I'm taking over camera equipment worth more than my car. Do i need to declare this anywhere to ensure I dont have issues returning to SA?

    Just a quick trip to Ponta, returning Monday.


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    Default Moz

    Back from Moz a week ago - had no problems of any kind.

    KEEP to the speed limits - 60 = 60 not 60+ , 80 = 80 and 100 =100
    The speed limits change all the time wherever a shack is next to the road, will slow you down from 100 / 80 / 60 and if you are lucky will find a 100 sign post a couple of k`s on after you have past this shacks/town..

    1 - Have a reflective safety jacket orange/yellow over your seat`s backrest so the cop can see it if you get stopped. If you get out of your vehicle to change a tyre etc. put it on, if your passenger gets out be shure he/she has one on.

    2 -A Fire extinguisher which is still in the service date.

    3 - 2 x Emergency triangles and use it if you have a breakdown.

    You can buy from OffRoad/Builders/Spares shops or AA.

    Make a list of all your equipment and serial numbers, declare the goods, especially your laptop, if not need too, have the list stamped. They may think your are on a selling or buying spree.

    Make yourself a copy of the attached documents (keep in your vehicle) and read the New Traffic Regulations.
    Do not keep alcohol in your vehicle.

    Its a looong drive and try not to drive at night - they do not use emergency triangles but a tree branch in the road and you do not see the truck nor the branch until you are onto it.

    Remember to stick the ZA sticker.!
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    We normally have a list as suggested by pajeromania. However, when crossing into Botswana last month, SARS put my list onto computer - which took forever, and they wanted values of each item also.
    Not certain whether SARS are doing this at all borders.

    Enjoy the trip.
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    Fwiw and I am not saying you must also do it..... but I have never ever written down any camera or whatever crossing ANY border EVER. I have several full passports. No customs guy anywhere have had issues. Especially not in SA customs on returning. I also never attempt to bring in more than 1 litre of single malt. Which is not to say that I accidentally found a case of wine that someone put in my car boot unbeknowst to me.

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