ML 270 CDi Ground clearance improvement.

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    Default ML 270 CDi Ground clearance improvement.

    Hi all Merc lovers.

    I have just bought myself an ML 270 CDi and must say that I am very impressed with the performance of the vehicle. I honestly did not think that it would tow my Ski-boat on the beach, but what an eye opener! It really is very good on the beach and what a comfortable drive all round.

    My only concern is the ground clearance. I am new on the Mercedes category and I am sure that this subject was raised before and I am also a bit lazy to search the history. So I am asking my fellow ML owners to assist me with this.

    What can I do to improve the ground clearance? Is there after market front and rear bumpers available?

    Please help!

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    Hi Martin

    The W163 series was a body on frame construction (unlike the later W164 and W166 MLs). These cars are have great on road and off-road performance and can offer good value these days. One of the short comings is most certainly the ground clearance.

    One thing that can be done is to adjust the front suspension. The W163 has a torsion bar which can be adjusted up to give some lift to the front end. Here is a link to a DIY to do this:

    The rear will require some spacers. There have been a few guys that have already done this on the forum also showing the use of larger tires to improve lift.

    As for after market bumpers, again this has been done. Search is your friend. I seem to recall these guys offering something:

    Good luck!

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