Hello (my first threat so semi nervous).

I bought a Tata Vista Ini (safire) in 2010. It has been an awesome car until it was time to replace the cam belt, last year May. Since the cam belt was replaced, my car stays in safe mode. I took my car to a Tata service dealership and it was there for six weeks. They couldn't find the fault. I then took my car to a countrywide renounced service place (don't know if I am allowed to mention their name) and they can't find the fault. My car was there for four weeks. So after 10 weeks at the dealerships, I decided to fetch my car as it was costing me a fortune. As a single mother I don't like to waste my money.

I have had so much done to my car:-

New sensors put in
ECU "reset"
New ECU put in to check and it remained in limp mode;
Fuel pump checked;
Catalytic converter checked
The timing was set and (according to the machine) is 100% correct.

The list goes on.

I was on the phone almost daily to the head office and even they couldn't tell me what the problem could be. The two so called engineers (one from Tata and the other from Fiat) could also not find anything. My car was at three auto electricians and according to them, there is no problem / fault with the wiring.

Is there anyone on this forum who could perhaps give me a possible solution. I miss my car and am at my whits end.

Hoping to find a solution to this most frustrating issue before I start screaming louder

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you.

Frustrated Foxy