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    L322 is the ultimate. Even though I have a D3 and RRS. Unless you need more than 5 seats that is
    I have mine 4 years now and no hassles apart from cameras that stopped working (replaced immediately by dealer) some funny TPMS issue that was fixed with software, and recently a leaking sunroof drain that will be fixed Monday.

    Engine-wise, the 5.0 s/c is bulletproof. I don't even know what it looks like cos there has ever been a need to open the bonnet apart from filling up the windscreen washer..

    Don't believe all you hear about v8's and consumption. The 5.0 s/c is lighter on fuel than the n/a v8 in the D3. Last night I came back from a long trip to PMB, Umhlanga, Toti etc, cruising at 140+ and lots of city driving. The average for 2000km was 13.7l/100km

    Whether you drive a diesel or a petrol you pay maintenance. I like to say with the V8 you pay in instalments every week when you fill up. With my TDV6 and TDV8 it feels like we pay in lump sums once or twice a year.

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    @Herbie, you are right. The disco is HUGE inside! I think if you need more space you should consider a bus! You are also correct about the diff lock. All Tregs have centre diff lock. Rear diff lock and Air suspension was an option.

    @Baben, you just added to the confusion! I would love a V8SC L322. Interesting that they are lighter on fuel. I would have thought the opposite. Fuel cost compared to a V6tdi or even a V10tdi Treg is what has me scratching my head. (150 000km in 3 Years)

    These Tregs seem to be very reliable, and are light on fuel too. Guys quoting sub 10 figures. I would LOVE a disco, but I can't afford the Disco 4 right now, and the V8 consumes almost double what a Touareg or Freelander will. Then the Touareg also has more packing space, Low Range and Diff Lock - I know I won't be able to do Baboons pass in one, but I am not buying for that reason. I am looking for a dependable Family sized SUV, that will get me next to the river to launch my Kayak.

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    I have read about issues on the V10TDi when doing research on buying one a while back. Maybe just check on that.

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