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    Quote Originally Posted by JP View Post
    Since when is Moz a First world country ?? We have been through the Kosi bay border posts plenty of times and EACH and EVERY time one member of our family did the queieing. Or am I now also a lying arrogant Idiot. As for being disrespectful, I respectfully disagree with your disrespectful response to other members posts, and would like to point out to you that this particular modus operandi at Kosi Bay border is not a respect thing, but to aid in the flow of proceedings and vehicles at rush hour times. I sincerely hope that a moderator will make you apologise for your harsh words towards others.


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    Default First time travelers to Moz

    [QUOTE=Xander1;2154490]We are planning to visit Moz in a months time, starting to get a bit worried with all the stories.
    If have travelled a lot and been to moz on a number of occations but starting to wonder if its a good idea to go there with a group of first time travelers.]

    We can always offer assistance (at no cost) to first time travelers, if they are keen, but a bit scared to visit Moz on their own for the first time.

    We can get them at Komatipoort and then take them via Moamba and Magude (if they are 4x4-ers) to Bilene. (It's only 670 km from Pretoria)

    Once they get used to the procedure and environment, they will become more confident to return on their own.

    You are welcome to send me a PM or have a look at

    Klaus Fischer

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