Going AWOL, trailer and suspension advise needed

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    Default Going AWOL, trailer and suspension advise needed

    I intend doing a 12 month trip into Africa, Start in Namibia, some Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia and maybe Kenya and Malawi. I will be travelling in one vehicle with my family, I am thinking about a Metalian trailer (the bigger one), mainly due to the fact that they are lighter as some of the other serious off-road trailers, but still as rugged as most (as far as I could establish - I may be wrong on this). My towing vehicle will be our Fortuner.
    Does this make sense so far?

    I have done some short trips with a medium-sized off-road trailer, and noticed the Fortuner tend to be a bit soft in the rear, often bumping through to the rubbers when towing when the terrain gets a bit heavy, even at slow speed (I don't drive like some other Fortuner maniacs). I read a bit on the forum about upgrading the suspension, or alternatively inserting some bags somewhere. I have noticed some Fortuners being raised higher than normal, I suspect as a result of OME or something.

    What are the things to look out for here? Does OME always raise the vehicle? Does it make the ride harder / bouncier. If harder, does it not result in the Fortuner taking more punishment than designed for? Which is maybe the first question I should have asked - is the Fortuner suitable for towing an off-road trailer big enough for a family of 6 (me, wife, kids from 4-12 yrs)?

    What are the alternatives to OME - I gather they are on the upper end of the market wrt price?

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    Groete eers,

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    Dirk, You're on the right track , I cannot comment on the Tuna suspension except that even a medium sized trailer can be very nose heavy. In fact my Mini is heavier on the nose than the Maxi (just due to build dynamics -elsewhere discussed at length). I tow with my Sorento and can't imaging this to be better than the Tuna on suspension.

    Which trailer did you have?

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    Welcome here Dirk

    It seems as if you know quality when you see it I am a Metalian owner as well as OME user and have given my Pajero a decent workout or two even having gone so far as to take a Metalian through an obstacle course just to see what it does.

    With the OME you will find a 40-50mm lift and depending on what firmness you decide to go for an increase in firmness in general. As result of the OME I am able to take corners at a higher speed than before without the vehicle becoming unstable and in general the on road performance has become much safer and predictable than before. Off the black stuff I have tested it against a blister fender Pajero with diff lock and were able to do obstacles without diff lock because of better articulation. True it is expensive but in my book worth every cent.
    I would caution against mixing spring and shocks of different brands as they are deigned to work together a a system.

    A lot of folks are going to give you a hard time because you drive a tuna or as it is commonly known an appliance (they are Japanese made and more often than not white ) but laugh at them, if there is any doubt ask Uys on forum, he has probably done more than most folks with his tuna and has not had any complaints except that he did not like the original silver colour

    Regardless of what vehicle you use the Metalian tows like a dream and there are more than enough folks on forum to confirm that statement. I even tow my mini with a 1400 Corsa the secret is to keep the rig as light as possible. Heinz has gone a long way to produce a lighter than average trailer and even the accessories are sourced to be light and durable just take the stove as an example, a cast iron cooker would be much cheaper and easier to build in in the first place.
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    Default Trailer and suspension alternatives

    Hi Kleipot,

    Good choice of trailer you are looking at. Also look at our Conqueror range,
    Conquest 550Kg's and Comfort R680Kgs. The Comfort is our top of the range trailer with geyser, two deep cycle batteries, Built in gas stove, king size bed just to name a few.

    Our suspension that we import from Oz is the Tough dog suspension. Foam Cell technology, 38mm bore, 3 year 100 000km warranty. You get a safe 45mm to 55mm lift with excellent travel. This shock is supported by OL(Opposite lock). My Hilux is running with it and my manager has it on his Fortuner.

    Send me a mail if you are interested. I can send you some pics on the suspension and trailer.

    [email protected]
    082 415 2255
    Martin Bezuidenhout
    2009 3.0 D4D Hilux Auto D/C
    Tough Dog suspension
    Fully OL Kitted vehicle.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Any tough dog suppliers in East London?

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