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    On IOL today

    NOT AS TOUGH AS IT LOOKS? Euro NCAP testing has identified safety concerns regarding the Nissan Navara double-cab bakkie that the maker says it has already addressed.

    'Navara safety problems sorted' - Nissan
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    March 6, 2008

    Nissan SA has reacted to the publication of the latest Euro NCAP crash tests, where its 2008 Navara double-cab bakkie scored only one star in the offset frontal crash test.

    EURO NCAP VIDEO: The full Euro NCAP report makes chilling reading
    The report cited late deployment of the seatbelt pre-tensioners and crash bags.
    Double-click either arrow to watch.

    The report cited late deployment of the seatbelt pre-tensioners and crash bags – and the partial collapse of the chassis rail on the impact side, "allowing a significant level of intrusion into the driver's footwell".

    The Navara scored well, however, in child protection and side impact protection but poorly in pedestrian protection.

    After the test Nissan developed a software update for the crash bag control unit in consultation with Euro NCAP and put it into production in December 2007.

    Nissan said in a statement that the crash bag issue applied only to a limited number of 2008 model Navaras built between May and December 2007.

    At the same time all 2008 Navara owners were invited to their Nissan dealers to have the latest software installed at no cost, a process which Nissan says take about 30 minutes
    'Nissan is eager for Euro NCAP's confirmation that the issue has been resolved'.

    Nissan also made available to Euro NCAP an updated Navara for retesting.

    "Nissan is eager for Euro NCAP's confirmation that the modifications have fully resolved the crash bag deployment issue," said the statement, "and is confident that it will achieve a competitive score."

    Nissan has also decided to extend the scope of the "service campaign" (not a recall, Nissan insists) to all Navaras produced from launch in 2005; Navara owners are invited to visit their dealers to have the updated software downloaded to their vehicles.

    Nissan SA sales and marketing director Roel de Vries said: "We encourage Euro NCAP to publish the result of the Navara re-test as soon as they have it."

    This, however, does nothing to address the collapse of the chassis rail on the impact side, which is a structural problem and may be more difficult to solve.
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    Read here:

    Crash test - Navara Isuzu & Triton

    “The best of all the pick-ups tested by Euro NCAP was the Mitsubishi L200, which received a respectable four star result in adult occupant protection. All the vehicles received disappointing child and pedestrian protection scores,” said NCAP.

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    My OH's daughter and her fiance bliksemed into a ditch and promptly wrote off their Navara last weekend. I want to get more details. They initially said R70k damage, then a few days later said ins. was going to write it off.
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