I am wanting to get my 9 year old daughter something better than her current 24" "Game special"
She is tall and slender with long legs, I am therefore looking at a 26" Small (16") frame. The particular bike that suites my budget is a Axis A90 which is R3000 new and I'm not interested in 2Nd hand.
Her current 24" bike has about a 15" frame and the seat is 29" above the ground so I think she should manage with a 26" small frame.

So far all we do is ride around the neighbourhood occasionally but she has begged us to enter her in the Choc charity fun ride next weekend and I'd really like to start riding a few nearby farm roads with her so we can get fit enough to ride some of the Mountain bike trails once we are finished playing with the 4x4 trail.

I'm tempted to say "my minds all made up, don't confuse me with the facts" but I know nothing about cycling so am I doing the right thing?

I'm taking her tomorrow to try some bikes and plan on surprising her with a new bike when she thinks she's just getting the rusty wheels replaced on her old bike.