Suspension New steering rack and power steering pump EINA!

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    Default New steering rack and power steering pump EINA!

    About three weeks ago the power steering on my ML ceased to function. Anyone who has had the misfortune of driving a Mercedes Benz without power steering will know it is near impossible to do, so, I build my upper body strength to the nearest service station.

    You guessed it the fluid reservoir was half empty and the system had shut down to protect the pump. Filled up with ATF and we were back in business. Having replaced the pump on the SLK I thought this round would be much the same. How wrong can you be?

    Sent it in to MB to have checked out and they come back to me with a bleak diagnosis. Both the pump and rack are leaking at the seals and must be replaced. At this stage I am still standing but then comes the quote. "Sir, that will be R56k thank you very much"


    Turns out, the steering rack alone costs R34k. That coupled with the R7.5k pump, new oil, new gaskets, new o-rings, wheel alignment and a whole days worth of labour means quite a hefty bill.

    I accept the quote and insist they send it to me to sign off on as I don't need any more surprises. Good thing I did as it took them two days to complete the job.

    Anyhow, she is back and good as new.

    Make no mistake, driving an expensive vehicle out of warranty can cost you but having said that this car has been paid off for more than two years and even if it costs me R100k in total to maintain it up to the end of this year (Which it won't), its still less than what the annual payment on a new one would be.

    Interestingly, it seems seal failures on these vehicles power steering pump and steering racks are not uncommon. Unfortunately, MBSA don't bring in the seal kit required to fix the issue. It costs roughly $200.00 but is scarce, even in the USA who seem to be the only country who offers them.

    Obviously I asked for the old parts back as I am busy sourcing the seals to rebuild both units. Once done I am sure to get some of the money spent back. R56k tends to stuff up the entertainment and hunting budget.

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    Contact Natal Power Steering in Durban Andre Torr

    It's amazing what they can do for reasonable prices

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    Hi Koebelwagen,

    Have you had any luck with those seals?

    My car's steering rack has develop a leak and I need to get it sorted ASAP.

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