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    Default Campsite - Selous NP


    I am looking for a campsite just outside the Selous NP in Tanzania.
    Love if it is on the Rufiji river banks or even in the delta somewhere.

    Is there anyone that have some info for me.

    Do not want to stay inside the park - to expensive


    Neels Borstlap - Somerset West
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    It is 5 km outside Mtemere Gate. I would recommend it only for the first night from the direction of Dar es Salaam. The best area for game drives is in the middle of the park. Thus, it is too far away from the gates for me.

    Tagalala Campsite inside the Park is expensive but you're in the right place for game drives.

    Here are a few impressions of October 2013. On the right side is a translator.

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    Hi namlover , when are you planning your trip to selous? As I am heading in that direction and had the same question about camping. I would prefer to find something inside the park, even if only for 1 night.

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    The Selous is, despite what the map looks like, a seriously remote piece of Africa. It is enormous, but the only bit accessible to tourists is north of the Rujiji river. If you want to see game, you need to be in the Reserve, so start saving now. The distances aren't big, but traveling takes a long time due to the state of the tracks. Don't even think of taking a trailer in to the Selous. It took us 5+ hours driving as fast as we could through the Uluguru Mountains (which are lovely with serious endemic birds) from Morogoro to the NW gate (can't remember the name at the moment). It was then another 3 hours to Tagalala campsite. You have to have an armed guard with you, and food for him, and waiting for the guard to collect his camping equipment takes a while.

    On our way out from Tagalala to the main Dar es Salaam road was 5 hours or so, and on the way before the eastern entrance to the Reserve, we met a family group from Kenya and RSA who were under-prepared for what lay ahead and were out of time to get to Tagalala before dark. Luckily for them, they realized we were much faster with no trailer (and they had fuel issues) and they could be seriously comprised with young children too, and they turned about.

    One night is not feasible for the reasons stated above.

    Having said all this, the Selous is unspoilt Africa and I would go back tomorrow. You are on your own in the middle nowhere. Just pay to go into Reserve and see it. They need tourism revenue to preserve this glorious piece of Africa.

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