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    Default Suzuki GV 2008 Aux In Radio upgrade on a budget

    Hi Fellas

    Since getting my 2008 GV just over a year ago, I've been pretty happy with the car. It ticks all the boxes, except on the sound side of things.

    I dont own CD's, so everything I have is stored digitally. Not having an Aux in / Bluetooth / iPhone port drove me crazy. I was surprised to see very few options on how people have fixed this problem locally. Caska's were out of the budget, hacking with a soldering iron seemed dangerous and all other options seemed untested on local models.

    I'm happy to report that I've solved the problem with a little unit from the UK.

    I bought the Koolertron / Yatour adapter from amazon and it arrived in my mother in laws luggage today as she returned from holiday.

    I plugged it in and it worked pretty well. I've only tested the Aux in, not the SD / USB yet but so far so good!

    They have a few different models, some with only Aux in, some with iPod cables, some with Aux and SD / USB input (which I bought). At about R600 its a cheap fix to the problem. The Aux in only model is even cheaper. All models plug into the CD changer port at the back of the radio.

    Installation took about 20 minutes (of fiddling). I didn't want to take out the radio and strip the dash so I did it through the cubby (by removing the cubby and reaching in). Once you know where the cable goes and which orientation to put it in at, it'll take about 3 minutes to remove the cubby, install and replace the cubby. For reference, the port is the first one closest to the cubby, the white port is the second port (I could only see the white one, but when I felt around I found the correct port). The feed of the cable needs to be at 12 o'clock, i.e the Cable sticks up not down. Grab a torch or a cellphone with a light and get stuck in, its not hard at all.

    Once installed, you need to power off the radio and power on again (I was getting a "System Check" error until I rebooted the radio. Now it shows "Aux in" on the screen.

    I've only tested Aux in so far, but its working OK. The EQ is a little different so it'll need some tweeking. Once I've had more time to play, I'll report back on the SD and USB interface if anyone is interested. I'll be doing lots of travelling in Jan so I should get more of a feel for the sound quality then.

    For completeness, my finished plan is still missing 3 stepsl:
    1. Velcro the box to the top of the cubby or hide it away behind the cubby.
    2. Run a Cigarette Lighter power cable into the cubby for charging devices that are playing
    3. Get a Bluetooth receiver for the system for wireless audio streaming from your phone. The two ways to do this are either to buy a little bluetooth receiver that uses a headphone out jack into your aux line in (starting from $10 on ebay) or use the Yatour bluetooth module which interfaces with this unit and includes a Mic for calls. Either one should work and should cost between $10 and $70 depending on the model. Once this is done, you wont actually ever need to plug anything in and you can play straight from your phone into your car radio (but you'll only have steering wheel controls for sound up and down)

    Here's a link to the unit I bought, but I'm sure you'll be able to find it on other places as well.

    Lastly, has anyone upgraded the speakers on their GV and if so, did it make a significant difference?

    Pics to follow

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    Default Pics of the setup

    Shot on my phone in the dark... apologies for the quality
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    The GV standard sound system is out of the stone age, and it was surprisingly dificult to upgrade. When I had my GV I worked with a Parrot kit fr connectivity although sound quality was really lacking no matter the source. My thinking was to amplify the output with speaker level amp or get high-low converter. Even the stock speakerswould be much better with some power behind it.
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